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Joseph M. Hellerstein

Jim Gray Professor of Computer Science
EECS Computer Science Division
UC Berkeley

Joseph M. Hellerstein

Research Interests

My background is in Database Systems. My research focuses broadly on data-oriented systems and the way they drive computing. Recently this includes distributed programming models for Cloud Computing, human-computer interface issues in data acquisition, visualization and transformation, large-scale analytics, distributed systems and networking.

My research is driven by active collaborations with colleagues in a wide variety of fields including Programming Languages, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Networking, Security, and Theoretical Computer Science.

Current Projects

  • BOOM and bloom: Orders Of Magnitude simpler code for the Cloud.
  • d^p ("deep"): Data to the People
  • Past Projects

    BayesStore: Probabilistic data management

    Declarative Networking and the P2 system

    Querying, monitoring, and networking using wireless sensor networks

    PIER: A peer-to-peer query engine based on distributed hash table (DHT) overlay technologies.

    Telegraph: An Adaptive Dataflow System for networked data and services.

    TinyDB: A query processing engine for ad-hoc wireless sensor networks.

    CONTROL: Interactive Analysis of Massive Datasets, including online aggregation, online data cleaning (Potter's Wheel), online data mining and scalable spreadsheets.

    GiST: Generalized Indexing (GiST for PostgreSQL, libgist), Access Method Profiling and Debugging (amdb), and Indexability

    Open Source Software

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