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All talks are held in 606 Soda Hall from 1:00 to 2:00pm unless otherwise specified. On this site, you will find upcoming talk announcements and abstracts from previous talks in Berkeley's database seminar. You can also receive talk announcements on our mailing list. If you are interested, please see the instructions for adding yourself to the mailing list.

Important Note: Spring Semesters are usually reserved for students talks. As these often contain only preliminary results, and are not necessarily of immediate interest to a broad audience, announcements will not be send to the mailing list during that time. Announcements will still be send on the occasion of a visiting speaker, or when the speaker wishes for the talk to be publicized to a larger audience. The seminar webpage will contain information on the current schedule even when announcements are not sent, and visitors are still welcome to attend if they wish.

» Spring 2008 Calendar
01/25 Enterprise Data Integration More Info
Kiran Mehta Informatica
02/01 Processing Web-Scale Data with Pig More Info
Chris Olston Yahoo! Research
02/08 An Algebraic Approach to Information Extraction More Info
Fred Reiss IBM Almaden Research Center
02/15 Learning in Query Optimization More Info
Volker Markl IBM Almaden Research Center
03/07 CoBib: a collaborative bibliographic database More Info
Beth Trushkowsky UC Berkeley
03/21 Link layer optimizations for declarative sensornet systems More Info
David Chu
Spring break
04/04 Referential Algebra More Info
Russell Sears
04/11 In-network Data Summarization and Routing More Info
Alexandra Meliou
04/18 BayesStore: Managing Large, Uncertain Data Repositories with Probabilistic Graphical Models More Info
Daisy Wang
04/25 CommScape: Information Visualization, Collaboration and Delivery for Rural Health Care More Info
Kuang Chen
05/02 Constant Time Query Processing More Info
Eirinaios Michelakis
05/09 Dissertation Talk: Pay-as-you-go Data Cleaning and Integration More Info
Shawn Jeffery
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